IP Security Access Device I-SAD19”

Hanover, 25.06.2009

The modular IP Security Access Device (I-SAD19") enables the transmission of a wide band of different alarm- and telemetry signals over Copper- and Fibre optics based on the latest networking technologies (Ethernet, IP)

With selectable modules all customer specific requirements can be supported. This is independent of indoor (e.g. Collocation rooms) or outdoor (e.g. Street cabinets, BTS of mobile operators) usage. In all cases an easy connection for monitoring fire-, smoke-, humidity and temperature sensors, door contacts, door opener, water level systems, fire detection systems etc. is possible. The resultant information is accessible in the supervision centre via SNMP integration or via the web based graphical user interface.

For all locations where there is no copper- or fibre optics connection a GPRS/GSM module is also available.

Modern networks with increasing bandwidths are having more and more complexity. Higher densities of network products with improved transmission technologies require higher network reliability to full fill the agreed service-level. Network faults or network blackouts are producing high costs on the operator’s side and growing disaffection on the service user’s side. Reliable and stable networks and cost efficient maintenance and supervision of the networks are as important as transmission quality and the number of different services. Supervision should be as easy as possible and collection and transmission of results must be possible over the same installed modern infrastructure (Ethernet, IP).

I-SAD 19” fulfils all of these requirements for reliable and cost-effective collection and transmission of alarm- and telemetry information.

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