Catalogue 2016

arcutronix latest product catalogue gives an dense overview of port-folio, capabilities and new trends in the telecom market. Covering todays need for narrow-band to broadband transmission, arcutronix supports 9600kBaud up to 1G, for copper and fiber infra-structure.

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Security, Authorities and Military

The authorities and security services need to be able to rely on a functioning infrastructure in every situation. This is especially important when it comes to the disaster or other temporary operations that cannot or do not rely on public communication.



Carrier Ethernet

Low cost of ownership, high flexibility and multi-service capability are the drivers for modern network infrastructures. The world wide solution for these requirements is Ethernet based technology. Without reservation of fixed paths or timeslots packetized techniques efficiently allow the use of one medium and platform for data and voice with best flexibility.



Optimizing connections over any existing infrastructure. In the access area homogenous solutions for heterogeneous infrastructure are requested. A wide band of services over existing infrastructure like copper, fibre or PDH based on small space and low maintenance costs are the first choice.


Alarm + Telemetry

The reliable collection and secure transmission of operational data from telecom network devices becomes more important. Operators face rapid technology changes to their network infrastructure, creating challenges for their operational support systems (OSS) to keep up. Individual and flexible data collection solutions guarantee the optimal use of new transmission technology to link to remote telecom equipment and sites.