arcutronix achieves certification according TL9000

Next level achieved in quality assurance.

The first half-year of 2014 was dedicated to quality improvement at arcutronix GmbH. The introduction of quality standards according to telecommunications TL9000 (Telecom Leadership 9000) and new processes have been defined and old processes been revised. The introduction of the TL9000 metrics and the successful certification by an international testing institute allow standardized and comparable analyzes of product quality. This is intended to detect any possible occurring negative trends in product quality at an early stage and to react by appropriate remedial activities quickly.

TL9000 is especially tailored to the telecommunications industry quality standard that is set on the basis of the well-known ISO 9001. A similar approach is also available in automotive (QS 9000) and the aviation industry (AS 9000). There are requirements for a telecommunications-specific quality management system in terms of design, development, production, distribution and maintenance of products - hardware, software and services.

Jürgen Schröder, CEO of arcutronix, is pleased with the successful certification. "Especially the short time it took to achieve certification to TL9000 shows that arcutronix has worked previously at a high quality level. The new requirements will help us to improve internal and external processes, to get better and to serve our clients at the highest level. "