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Broad Network Transport Device

The BNXrun is a carrier-grade CPE device designed to match in a wide area of different applications. The BNXrun fits for the requirements of a Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) in a FTTH-scenario as well as a Network Interface Device (NID) for other FTTx-scenarios. The BNXrun is designed to enable Layer2 and Layer3 business services, including an outstanding support for clock distribution and time synchronisation to the provider’s edge.

The BNXrun assists network operators to reduce operating expenses, introducing new types of SLA and all together to improve the margin. It is designed to be operated in a MEF2.2 scenario.

The BNXrun offers independent interface and service control. It incorporates Ethernet operations management according to Y.1731 and IEEE802.1ag (OAM functions), IEEE802.3ah (EFM), configuration management via HTML browser, SNMP and SSH. Main focus is on the security of management application to assure safe and non-sniffed communication between the device and the NOC.

BNXrun Datasheet
DS-BNXrun.pdf (.pdf, 965 kb)


  • 4x Ethernet ports up to 1Gbps
    • 4x Fibre Optic (SFP)
    • 1:3 or 2:2-scenarios can be configured
    • Jumbo Frames (16k) supported
  • 2x Ethernet ports for local/remote management access
    • 1x 10/100BaseT
    • 1x 100FX
  • L2 packet processing in wire-speed
  • Synchronicity to the edge of provider’s network
    • ITU-T G.8261 etc.
  • Implements a fully managed demarcation function between customer network and service provider network
  • Offers built-in independent interface and service supervision
  • Network management to monitor and manage
    • HTML based WEB–OPI,
    • Built-in SNMP-agent,
    • SSH (CLI)
    • In-band management capability
  • Fan less Desktop Units
    • Low power requirements: <15W
  • DC or AC power supply
    • No extra power supply required
  • Compact design
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