Application Example


AlEx - Alarm Extender

The AlEx (Alarm Extender) device is a telecontrol system that transmits local alarm signals via its G.703 64kbit/s interface to a remote alarm controller unit, which outputs the Alarm via relay contacts. It enables to manage and supervise alarm systems, fire detection systems or similar devices via parallel I/O ports.

The AlEx offers 8 alarm inputs and 8 Output contacts and an integrated transmission link monitoring function.
Additional two NOC‘s (normal open contact) are able to signalize state of G.703/64k line, local and remote device.
The AlEx can also be used to ex¬pand the number of I /O ports of a modular IP Security Access Device I -SAD 1 9”-family.

DS-AlEx (.pdf, 1196 kb)


  • Alarms are transmitted via G.703/64k leased line
  • Up to 8 parallel I /O ports
  • 8x potential-free Inputs
  • 8x bi-stable Outputs
  • Integrated line and device monitoring (local and remote)
  • Integrated wide range power supply (48 VDC C 230 VAC)
  • Form factor: Desktop housing with wall mounting capability
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