Application Example


ESAD - Enhanced Security Access Device


For the connection is the conducted transmission method DOV (Data-over-Voice) and Ethernet available. By means of an additional mobile router (TK700) a backup option is given.

During a power failure, a made Gsafe operation in DOV emergency operation up to 72 hours with an internal ACCU guaranteed.

DS-ESAD (.pdf, 433 kb)


  • Full compatibility with the KX - HSAD
  • 1 6 parallel inputs with loop monitoring
  • 8 parallel outputs with relays (bitstabil)
  • RS232/485-Interface for telemetry
  • EDP (Esser data protocol) via serial interfaces
  • SNMP able
  • Tamper
  • Unit corresponds to standard: EN 54-21
  • Rugged steel housing for wall mounting
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