Carrier Ethernet


Synchronous Ethernet

Ethernet technology is rapidly taking over legacy technologies within the
carrier infrastructure (e.g. TDM, ATM and SONET / SDH) where synchronization and clock distribution are an integrated part of the technology.  Ethernet, originally designed as a ”best-effort” data delivery technology, is now being equipped with synchronization and clock distribution features. The introduction and employment of Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) allows Ethernet to provide the same level of quality and reliability as legacy technologies for use in carrier class applications.

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Ethernet Demarcation

Ethernet services are deployed closer and closer to the customer’s pre­mise. An Ether­net de­mar­cation device builds the inter­connec­tion bet­ween the procider’s packet based net­work and customer’s LAN. The de­mar­cation device enables the delivery of Metro Ether­net Forum (MEF) defined Ethernet private line (EPL), point-to-point Ether­net (E-Line) and point-to-multipoint Ether­net (E-LAN) services at either full Gbps or frac­tio­nal speeds.

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Completion and enhancement of your choice can be done with the proper accessory. Select the SFP, which fits to your need of type and wavelength or choose to use a redundant power supply in your system chassis. The accessories make the arcutronix product range to the top.

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