RPX16 - Remote Power Feeding Unit

The Remote Power Feeding Unit RPX16 is an easy to install device for feeding remote DSL repeaters over up to 16 twisted pairs. The RPX16 is placed between Central Office equipment (eg Multiservice Access Node MSAN) and the repeater(s) in the field. The application could easily extend (by software upgrade) to other applications as well (e.g. feeding of CPE, Fibre optic locations…)
Each of the 16 remote feeding lines offers a capability of 115VDC and up to 60mA which is round about 7W per line.

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SCX2e - System Controller (SNMP) Agent

The System Controller SCX2e is used to control, configure and monitor all types of arcutronix line-cards and system-racks (SRX). The System Controller provides access by using SNMP, Web-GUI and SSH.

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SHX - System Housing 3RU and 6RU

The SHX (System Housing) is a simple and flexible solution to build a standalone unit together with a line card (Ethernet Demarcation,  Connectivity etc.). The SHX family can be used as table-top or wall-mounted devices. The integrated wide range power-supply gives the opportunity to feed the SHX either with 110/230VAC mains or 48VDC input.

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SRX10 - System Rack 3RU Height

The SRX10 offers a simple and flexible solution to build high density systems in a 19’’- or ETSI-rack. All arcutronix 3RU or 6RU line-cards can be housed in the SRX10, offering 10 slots in a chassis of 3RU or 6RU in height.

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SPX100 - AC and DC System Power Supply

The SPX100 System Power Supplies are part of the arcutronix’ Multi Service Platform and designed for installation into arcutronix’ 19” system rack SRX.
Each system rack has 2 slots for redundant power supply. It can be equipped with AC or DC power supplies to fit into typical telecom as well as in other application scenarios. Redundancy (AC + AC, DC + DC or AC + DC) gives security and carrier class availability.

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